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The Gulf: I've been on YouTube, and I am Pissed!

The other day, I started wondering about WHY we see so little about the oil spill. So I started checking around, away from the standard search results.

You owe it to yourself to cruise through the YouTube material on the Gulf oil spill. I have been doing so with a horrified fascination. Pay particular attention to the one on how BP "Fails Booming School." Lots of very foul language, be warned. It's a booming expert's discussion of how BP hasn't got a clue of how to set containment booms because their people partied through booming school and got signed off anyway. Because "their execs think booming is for pussies."

Also of note: geological reports. Crap. This thing was done on a very unstable part of the Mississippi Canyon. It was an accident waiting to happen. And analysis of drift and other known undersea phenomenon with relation to this. There might be as many as three leaks. And they're only showing the minor one that they want us to see. The one they show us isn't behaving the way you would expect, based on what we know of the spill and the current drift and where the rig settled. That's just a pipe. The WELLHEAD may be blown. Interesting analysis of the rig, vs. what we know happened with the Titanic, when it settled to the bottom.

Here's another good one for you. The stuff they're using to disperse the oil could be KILLING people. People are getting very sick, and BP claims it's "food poisoning." Yeah, it's because the entire food chain has been poisoned. Here's a link to an earlier story on this, that you probably won't find anywhere else:

Oh, and what gives BP the right to ARREST people who are trying to take photos, and banning media from the area? These guys are acting like the Men in Black.

Oh, and just for hysterical giggles, my "it's not conspiracy, it's just business..." side wonders who knew what, and when they knew it. Why were major stockholders divesting themselves of large amounts of BP shares in the weeks before the rig blew? Maybe they got wind there was something amiss, that they might not be able to fix? Was this an "Oh crap, we've got a problem. Send in a team to see what they can do, and call my broker" situation?

We are so screwed. I am overwhelmed, and angry beyond belief. Spread the word! Check YouTube!

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