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Getting Weird on the Oil Spill Front

I have, as of today, run into the first oil spill deniers on the web. Seriously. There were actually people who think it's all a plan by the Obama administration to manufacture a crisis so they can implement martial law. They cite photos of oiled wildlife as "those could be from any oil spill, has anyone actually been out to Louisiana? It looks pretty quiet from the webcams..." And cite that they didn't see much oil when Obama visited the beaches, so what's the fuss? The reason that you can't find much about the spill is because it's not as big a deal as people are being led to believe.

Apparently, they think this is all being staged. Reasons vary, but it's everything from distracting people from the economy to coming up with a reason to confiscate people's property along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico to thinking it's an excuse to declare martial law and round people up as part of the NWO plot.

Yep, we're staging an oil spill to distract people from UFOs and the U.N. deploying black helicopters in their bid to take over the world.
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