Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Catching up...

Catching up in a lot of ways. I suppose it's okay that Gettysburg was cancelled, since I really needed to find my life again. I did a ton of housework, and it hardly shows (argh), did a lot of reading, played with the kitten, spent quality time with the other two cats, spent yesterday visiting the Steinbeck Center with my friend Scott, later stopping in San Juan Bautista and visiting a couple favorite shops and getting spumoni ice cream on a waffle cone (okay, it wasn't a "healthy diet day"). I'm finding that I have a brain gradually coming back, in that I read some fiction today, and it actually made sense.
That's my first indication I've been overstressed (No! Ya think?). Fiction no longer evokes images. It's words, and the words don't seem to mean a lot. I can sorta manage nonfiction, like it uses different brain circuits. But it usually takes a day or two before fiction starts connecting again. I had to even reread a couple comic books I read on Friday night, because I couldn't recall what was in them! Baaad sign.

I might even catch up with Live Journal. I have to do little hack-y things to post anything from work, and usually can't reply to postings, because technically it's a blocked site. But work is often the only time I have (sigh). I hope to catch up with my entire life a bit...

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