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More things the Gulf can look forward to

I was curious about the effects of not just the oil, but the fact they've been trying to resolve the problem by burning it. I came up with this news story from last year:

Jaipur: The cabbage and chilly crops in Baksawala and other villages near Jaipur are withering away because of the black rain the area has been getting for sometime.

The rain contains suspended pollutants, which are dangerous to the crops, from the recent fire at the Jaipur oil depot.

“There are holes in the leaves and black and yellow patches on vegetables,” says a farmer from Baksawala village.

People are also complaining of irritation in the eyes and other health complications.

“The rain water tastes bitter and is causing swelling in the eyes,” says resident of Baksawala village, Sita.

According to the experts, this is because of the carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide released in the oil depot fire.

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