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It's Personal: I've Finally HAD IT with NeoCon BS

Normally, I try to be reasonable and measured with friends. However, I lost it with a friend, day before yesterday. He used to be a normal, rational person. I wonder if it's too much living in San Diego or something. But he was mouthing a bunch of crap from our Corporate Masters, and I finally blew my cool.

It started when he started going off about the "Green Agenda." I reminded him I was a Green Party member, and that I was one of Those People. It escalated with me ranting that I was very selfish, because I WANTED a world with polar bears and pelicans in it, not to mention clean air and water. He backed off, and started claiming that wasn't what he was talking about. It's that the green agenda was anti-business, and lately there is more freedom in China than in America.

That's when I started yelling. Well, not precisely yelling, but getting pretty heated. I told him that he had NO IDEA what things were like in China, and I did, because I've talked to Chinese refugees, who've managed to get out. Tech people. Oh, that was a long time ago, he said. Are you kidding, do you READ??! I DO. China is KILLING its people for the sake of profits. They use SLAVE LABOR. Oh, he said, I mean more like Shanghai. I started telling him about abuses in Shanghai, including organized crime. So he switched to Obama, and how he was like Hitler. That's when I hung up on him.

What the Hell??? This guy is on permanent disability because he's blind. In China, they would probably have him doing the moral equivalent of picking oakum. Why is he mouthing this crap?

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