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Why Translation Programs are Not A Good Thing

On the way to somewhere else, I came across this gem, which I think MIGHT have been translated from Chinese, based on the structure and word use. I'm only giving you a few highlights, but wow... I think it's a review of a movie, because it's got the right components.

The really funny thing is that I can almost make sense of it. Almost. I think it talks about films and books?

"The foam-brush of a drag revenue is replaced as the feat, later, she represents to have hidden one of her stage's earlier solutions, armand de gramont as a place. His career gets in a cousin of open senators, the powder was good and pursued like an conventional plane for back life."

"The coma has more really shot a higher fuselage of components and ceremonial american origins in a style to animate the younger anti-theft color. There have been races illustrated to one fleet, like william t. back performed to the future modern touching island, where traits have to withstand and seek unhappy accessories. Difficulty statements locate cars to thermal candidates whom they speak important, always telling to chat down of the humor of christian large popping. The fraternity's points are gone by engines, spent more online to become targets."

I like seeking unhappy accessories...

"Roosevelt: the drug of a friendship" is a volume by owen wister, killing his f'ing set with theodore roosevelt, a harvard configuration.

"Neither the republic of turkey, nor the soviet union was returned at the historian. This is the alpine largest euclidean end being released by japan and sees cutting workspace between the two. Greece and serbia are two years come by princely and mid vehicles."

Some phrases, like "thermal candidates" are fairly easy to translate. As is "a harvard configuration." But the alpine largest euclidean end? Could we be talking about the partitioning of Europe?

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