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Time out...

I think not going to Gettysburg was ultimately a good thing for me. I became reacquainted with my house, doing a lot of cleaning (and filled an entire recycling bin with junk mail!), did some cooking, bonded with the kitten, got in a hike up at Castle Rock, and caught up on some socializing. The main problem was that there wasn't enough time to do everything, even with my vacation time!

And of course, there was my "usual" 4th occupation, where I hauled the cannon over to Los Gatos and provided part of the accompaniment for the 1812 overture, and for a second piece as well. I also got to socialize with the folks from the NCWA, who had also turned out.

Then, having determined that I was hot and tired, but that should be fixa le with a shower, I called up Marilyn and checked on my boat invite. She was just doing some dinner and drinks on the sailboat, and had decided not to actually sail out of Pete's Harbor to see fireworks, which were close by. So I headed up the Penninsula, and had a lovely time socializing with her and friends, watching fireworks from the stern deck, and having a great time.

My hike at Castle Rock would have been better if I hadn't gotten stung by something on the way back to the parking lot. (Oh irony!) By evening my knee was swelling, and was quite uncomfortable until the middle of Sunday afternoon---not that it kept me from the farmer's market. After a couple serious knee injuries, the pain was more in the annoyance range, maybe a 3 on a scale of 10 (and I've done 10...). I got some smoked halibut, baby greens, socialized with the glassblower and bought some beads, then went home and strung a new necklace, named "Forest Treasures" with a bead with an internal mushroom for the center, and fruits and flowers and glass beads in forest tones. I felt quite pleased.

So, a little of everything, and very little computer. I didn't miss it.

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