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My Life as Travel Writer

For those of you who've heard me enthuse about a small gig working as a Travel Writer, my first posting is now up at www.wineandfoodtravel.com It's all about Andy's Orchard in Morgan Hill. It's mostly an excuse for me to do what I love, and pick up some pocket change by writing about it. (They have an utter shoestring budget, but they can afford a day or so a week at minimum wage.)

I've always been a big fan of Tim Cahill, the founder of Outside Magazine. I've thought about writing for them, many times, over the years, but it always seemed...presumptuous? I think that's always been one of my problems as a writer. The self-hype involved in it just kind of rubs me the wrong way. It's like the way I move in fandom and most folks don't know that I've been published. (Speaking of self-hype, you can vote every day for my essay on Anthony Bourdain's web site: http://bourdainmediumraw.com/essays/view/1139 -- remember the Chicago motto, vote early and often!)

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