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My body hurts...but we keep going

I suppose it's only to be regarded as a natural consequence of my escapades with clearing up the house. It's the fact that I've been in quite a bit of pain for the past couple months, starting with our initial foray into clearing the Cambria house. My knees hurt. My ankles hurt, like occasional searing pain hurt. I wonder if I sprained them slightly. My hands hurt. My neck hurts. My wrist feels slightly sprained, currently. Amazingly, my ever-problematic lower back is doing better than a lot of the rest of me. But hey, we keep working through it, because we have to.

The latest manifestation seems to be my ring finger and pinky are painful and don't work right. Past experience teaches me that it's probably not my hands, it's my neck, more specifically a pinched nerve. It did that with the index and middle fingers for a while, until the chiropractor sorted them out.

I used to have a body that was reasonably well maintained, in that regular chiropractic and massage kept me out of pain and functioning. (I was mostly in pain from the age of 11 until age 40, when I discovered chiropractic.) But that's a luxury that I simply haven't been able to afford in the recession. I really look forward to selling the Cambria house. Having money translates into a few self indulgences immediately, like chiropractic and massage, followed by new glasses and dental maintenance. Meanwhile, I make do with soaking in a hot bathtub of epsom salts. Andrew says I don't take care of myself. Well, if it's between taking care of myself and paying the bills, I opt for paying the bills, thank you.

I'm Jilara. I'm tough. I keep going.
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