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At Last, the Job Front Breaks Free...

I have just accepted a contract position at Sonic Wall, to start on the 7th of February.

Something is moving again, because it's been two fricking years, but I've gotten more inquiries in the past week than in those two years. I also had a very positive interview with Hitachi. I could have really liked working there, as well, as it seemed a good fit. This one came through the old Stratus connection. Sigh, Stratus was like my family, back when I worked there, and I am very fortunate to still be in touch with many people I worked with, one of whom I will be working with again.

Sonic Wall seems like a very good fit, and I have a good feeling about it. It also lets me work in cybersecurity, which is something that has interested me for...oh, close to 30 years. I am pretty jazzed about this, as people might expect.

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