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Egypt: By Their Acts Shall You Know Them

I have this feeling like we may be on the verge of seeing another Tienamin Square unfold. When the press and human rights workers are targets, it often means there are many things that they don't want you to know about...

The fact that ABC people have been threatened with beheading lets you know squarely who are the thugs. They call themselves "pro-Egypt," but what they are is pro-authoritarian, pro-totalitarian. Whether they are agents of the Egyptian government remains to be seen. However, as I like to put it about a lot of things, "With so many of his agents willing to do his work, who needs the Devil?" One thing we do know is that the protest was only on low simmer until the Imperial Cameltroopers (whomever they may work for, or not) arrived. And suddenly, things escalated out of control. The official version contrasted hugely with reports coming from inside the pro-democracy group itself, where panicky voices reported on how they were trying to defend themselves with rocks against a mob armed with bladed weapons and clubs.

I normally advise against intervention by the U.S., but the Teddy Rooseveldt in me is suddenly riled by the thugs going after OUR people. If I were advising people on U.S. foreign policy, with the advent of the attacks on press and human rights people, I would be advising us to issue an ultimatum: control your "pro-government" forces or we will send in the Marines to do it for you.

Yes, I'm being knee-jerk. But as I say, I'm having a conversation with the ghost of one of my favorite presidents, and he is saying it's time for America to stand behind its ideals. Not for oil, not for power, not for vengeance, not for entitlement, but for ideals. Despite the fact that America has never stood behind its ideals. We are the masters of double-speak and self-interest in masquerade. But sometimes, I wish we would simply take a stand for humanity. Call me a jingoist.

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