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Back in the saddle, Yay!

I'm in the midst of my first week back at work in my REAL field! My sojourn at the Registrar of Voters was a job, but it was a stopgap, and also not much more than unemployment, in terms of pay. (It did, however, keep me from becoming a "99er." I'm now re-employed at SonicWall, and past the first day and a half of being overwhelmed by all the new things. I'm now settling in and loving what I'm doing.

To be specific, the corporate culture seems like a good fit. Plus, my job description shifted from what was originally intended. Instead of just being a tech writer, they will be leveraging my background in delivery tools and template design, and I get to work on putting them on the road to content reuse and delivery, standardization (there is no Corporate Style Guide, currently, just a few pages of general guidelines), etc. In short, it's the latest incarnation of things that I have worked on in the past and loved working on. It's a huge project, and I'm utterly thrilled to be working on it. I think I made a great choice in taking this job instead of another one that also looked promising.
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