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It was impressive watching the huge surge damaging boats and docks in Santa Cruz harbor, but the footage from Japan was simply horrific. I am recalling the Alaska quake of 1964. I knew someone who was actually in that one, and their house was in the area where an entire neighborhood collapsed down the cliffs. She and her sister were in the house...unlike nothing describable. This is probably comparable. I feel for everyone caught in it.

My first thought with Japan was hoping my kimono dealer friends, especially Ichiro and family, are okay. I'm sure he will be sending out status, if he can.

Just the aftershocks are HUGE. 7.1 on one, a respectable quake on its own. 8.9 is one of the most powerful to hit the planet in recent memory.

And now they're having a crisis with a nuclear reactor that's so damaged they can't drop the control rods. This is SO not good...

Addenda: just in, upgraded to 9.1, which puts it into the top 5 strongest quakes in history. And a radiation leak is possible at the power plant, as of 10:25 Pacific Standard Time.

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