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One handed typing. I was going to have fresh artisinal (sp?) rooster (mmmm, silkie cross), last night, Let's just say he flopped on the first stroke and I adjusted one hand and not the other. Good thing it wasn't the first (kung fu force) stroke. I feel really stupid.

The good news was that it was not as bad as it could have been, and I'm good at first aid. (I was so calm Andrew wasn't even aware--just walked into the house, applied direct pressure, and looked for sterile gauze, after washing it. And they were able to deal with it at Doctors on Duty quickly, not at the ER with horrid waits (and probably cheaper), but it was still about 9 stitches on my index finger, and I won't be using my left hand for a while. Fortunately, I just missed the tendon---yay!

No more blood sacrifices...
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