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Whatever happened to Real Life(tm)

Once upon a time, before the world was run by Harvard MBA without a clue, before bean counters reigned supreme, and CEOs regarded the unrepentant Ebinezer Scrooge as a role model, people had Real Lives. They had homes, gardens, families, weekends. They had other values that the latest toys, working until they dropped dead, and talking on their cel phones. I know. I was there, once. I remember it.

Yeah, there were always folks keeping up with the Joneses, or pursuing the latest fad, or being obsessed with money to the extent that they had forgotten what it *could* buy, never mind what it couldn't. But it didn't seem so all-pervasive as now. People seemed kinder and gentler, and more human. They seemed like they had other things they cared about than what the media dictated.

And there we have it. We are a society where media is dangerous to the patter of tiny minds. It instills desires and values that weren't there, before. Because someone is going to profit, somewhere, somehow. And the price has been our quality of life.

Stop the world, I want to get off.

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