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Birdie Reappears

The Silkie chicken chick, that is. Birdie is named that because she (we think it's a she) makes noises like a songbird, and is quite vocal. She's been kind of hand-raised since the others were picking on her a while back. She's marked like a tortoiseshell cat and very fluffy.

She was outside when Andrew ran off to class, last Thursday. He left me a note to get them in. I caught the others, but Birdie was playing "can't catch me!" staying just out of range. I had to get to yoga, and she was nowhere to be found when I returned. Or the next morning. Or any mornings following. I feared the worst, from cats to hawks and raccoons. Not helped by people's chickens on the local lists being eaten by marauders. We kept hearing the local mockingbird and thinking it was her, but no.

Andrew found her trapped in a small space in the garage, today. She had to have gotten through a very small space to get in, and got trapped in a smaller one, between boxes. She was alive, but dehydrated and skin and bones, and very weak. She's eaten and drunk a lot of water, he says. I'm happy we found her before it was too late. Fortunately, she was doing what she's always done, making birdie noises.

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