Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Where have my checks gone?

There is an old joke about "I can't be broke, I still have checks." I have the opposite problem. I went to get a new book of checks yesterday and found they were nowhere to be found. Three boxes and two accounts worth of checks. When did I last see them? Before the Great Cleaning and Reorganization of the living room/dining room.

Which means it may be June before I find them. You see, it wasn't just myself and Andrew involved, but zealous friends. Lots of things ended up in boxes...elsewhere. I found some of my eBay stuff had disappeared when I sold it, couldn't find it, and had to refund the buyer. I went through the boxers in the locker last night, and found my stapler, some videos and CDs, and several books that had gone missing, but no checks. Andrew went through some boxes at the house. I hit up the boxes in the hallway. No checks.

Fortunately, I pulled out a booklet of duplicate slips from earlier in the year, and found a missed check amid them, so I was able to write a check for the property taxes, which are due in two days. (You can do an online payment, but they charge a steep "convenience fee" if you do.)

The irony is that I knew exactly where they were before things were reorganized. I expected them to still be where I left them. Nope. People ask why I don't like "organizing" with other people involved. That's why.

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