Jilara (jilara) wrote,


Interesting. Every time I read a catalog (junk mail) *new* clothes a la modern America, I end up either:
1) shopping from Marketplace India, who sells clothes handmade by an Indian women's empowerment cooperative
2.) buying gorgeous stuff from Central America (mostly Guatamala) at a little family-run shop in San Juan Bautista -- for K-mart prices
3.) shopping eBay for gorgeous vintage stuff with real character - today was my "vintage Mexican" day. And it helps out the vintage dealers. (Okay, I admit I was one of those myself, once.)
What does it say that you can support often socially-concious alternative clothing sources and get amazing things, for much less money than sweat-shop garbage? I feel like a subversive! ;-) (Oh, that's right, I *am* a subversive! Well, I might as well dress like one!)

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