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Time, too much or too little...

When I wasn't working, I had all this time, but it was like my brain had gone to mush. Now, I'm running to catch up.

I dreamed Help Systems last night. Today, I came in and started working with what I was visualizing, and it's going together in promising ways. I'm Creating new things. I'm busier than an one-armed paper-hanger. My brain is online again. I'm liking the results of what I'm seeing, though I still have along way to go, in terms of creating new templates and a new Help system, here. And I suddenly am getting all these personal projects I want to explore. In my "free time," of course.

And I have seriously impacted time. Back to normal, I guess. I'm just happy I don't have to take the cannon to the event this weekend, after all. (We were going to not bring it, then one of the other cannon wasn't making it, then it looks like we won't have a lot of people, anyway.) I don't know where I'd find the time for the prep work.

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