Jilara (jilara) wrote,


If ever a chicken was suited to be a pet, it's Birdie.

If you recall, she's the Silkie chick who was being picked on, then ended up disappearing into the depths of the garage and getting wedged, while I was convinced a predator must have eaten her. Only to be found a week later by her pathetic chirping.

She's still tiny, fitting in your hand, very bantam, and still friendly and chirpy. Her downy feathers still look like the pelt of a tortoiseshell cat, and she's just a little fluffball. She's been living in the house, mostly, since her unfortunate episode. Last night, I brought her in from the outside cage, where she was taking the air (no more free ranging for her!), and put her into the "birdhouse" on top of the cat tree. She promptly fell asleep. We woke up this morning to bright chirping, as she headed for the cat waterer in the bathroom. Normally, she is put away at night, but she seems to have easily adapted to being a guest in the main part of the house.

I don't think she's going to grow much more. Andrew suggested that, because she had the unfortunate week of starvation, back when she was a teenaged chicken, it's stunted her growth. Possible. We've talked about possibly putting her in a parakeet cage for travel and letting her be a house pet. She's a little charmer. Talk about chickens as pets...
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