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Wow, I love Conspiracy Theory

It's so entertaining, if you discount the fact that these folks could be dangerous.

I was checking on how the conspiracy pundits are already claiming the Osama death thing is a staged media event and how either we've had him on ice for a while, or he was never a real person, but a figurehead created to justify the War on Terror.

But along the way, I have found some truly amazing allegations.

Did you know that the Japan earthquake was created by HAARP experiments? Tesla beams are shooting down aircraft and causing wildfires in Russia?

Oh, and there are just some delicious bits about what's really going on with "global warming." Some of these are too good not to quote:

Inside sources in the military intelligence sector have revealed that ‘global warming’ is the cover story for the arrival in-ecliptic of Planet X aka Nibiru aka Destroyer aka Wormwood, depending on choice of ancient source. Whatever you call it, it has been documented to cycle every 3600 yrs bringing all the symptoms we’re experiencing. This doesnt obviate the compounding of problems via man-made chaos from HAARP and CERN LHC.

But the thinning magnetoshpere, pole migrations where sunrise is a day late in Arctic seem too big for these isolated man made crises. So what is it? Why are there hundreds of underground bunkers all over the world, constructed over a time period beginning 60-70 yrs ago.

Not making any claims, just open to all options. Earth allegedly begins intersecting asteroid field this summer with weather progressively worsening till D Day Nov 22. Hoax-wise, some of the publicized dates are classic occult Illuminati markers, Sept 11, Sept 22, Jewish Holidays etc. Doesnt matter what we believe, those in power intend to enforce as per their peculiar line of macabre crap. (using OUR tax dollars).
Sunrise a day late? Wow, he's right, that's definitely too...something. ;-)

And for those who want to know what's up with that, how about:
Ever really consider how Pangea broke apart? Ever wonder why gravity allows a giraffe to be the tallest animal on earth now but, 250 million years ago a lizard could be 60 ft tall? Could the Earth and Sun have been smaller? Could the Sun grow at measurable rates through time and make all the planets grow and feel climate change? What if it’s grow time again? Only this time, the God delivers a new Son of Man as a new planet? New land coming out of the ring of fire? Think of the core as plasma, instead of molten iron. When plasma is directly injected with energy can it create water and land?
But maybe it's just the mirror universe...
Well this got my attention, it seems to me that the earth is sending warnings to the ones that listen that are in tuned with Universe. Maybe we should listen to the Universe. If you take a picture of the sun you will see a comet (I have taken pictures for 3 months now, every time it is there) which I am SURE is a result of this energy. How could anyone deny it?
When I was younger I recall learning that we have tiny things living on us; I sort of tripped on it for weeks, I came to the conclusion that we are Universes to these living things. Naturally then all the living things here on Earth must be another Universe, then outside of Earth is another Universe. Like a mirror affect. It makes sense to me…
Yeah, it's a trip, all right. I'd definitely check the water these folks are drinking...

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