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BayCon 2011

It's actually rather nice that the NCWA stopped having an event on Memorial Day weekend, though I grinched about it at the time. That's because it means I get to attend BayCon, rather than just getting an after-hours membership.

This time, we were also doing recruiting for the NCWA. We took Goliath, the smaller cannon (smaller is relative, since the tube is 46" long, and the whole rig weighs only around 550-600 lbs). I got to dress as a girl, as well, since we wanted to portray a cross-section, and we already had soldiers. A treat, since I don't often get to do this!

Two nights of Regency dancing, a few concerts, some interesting panels, and some parties rounded it out. Oh, and shopping. One of the artists I was interested in wasn't at the art show, but I bought a CD, some fabric, and a new corset! Green silk, and fits like a dream. Of course, the amusement was that back at home, Andrew had to learn a technique of sliding his hand between me and the busk to hook me into it, since the holes on the busk were smaller than on my other corset. But it looked great, and he took video of me modeling it. Should get some plain photos, to post.

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