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In Ireland, 10 Years Ago

On this day, 10 years ago, I was in Ireland. I had spent a troubled night, walking long trails in the dark, feeling frustrated by my inability to make a difference with people. The women on our tour had been having disputes, and I had been trying to mediate and feeling ineffective. I went for a walk, that night, the eve of Midsummer. I walked through the dark, feeling gloomy. But then young men started passing me in the dark, saying hello. I walked through the dark, following the sound of drums, and found the local boys had a big bonfire, and drums, and a boom-box. I stood on the periphery, feeling better, and finally headed back and went to bed.

The next day, it was up at dawn (my birthday), with breakfast and then a trip to New Grange, for a private tour before it opened. Lots of odd things there, feeling again like an outsider, and not liking what they had done with the "restoration." I won't go into it.

But at dinner that evening, they suddenly started talking about everything I had done for the group. I was astounded, because I wasn't ineffective, after all. Then they surprised me with birthday gifts, as well. One was a wreath of the sacred herbs of Ireland, which they made me wear.

Then off to Oldcastle that evening (wearing my wreath), to hike to the highest point in Ireland, and watch the sun set over the ancient landscape of Ireland. I sat in the "Hag's Chair," aka the "Seat of Law" to watch it, and also went inside one of the elder mounds from times Before. And felt connected again, more connected than I had ever before. It was an amazing day. The best birthday ever.

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