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Mmmm, rats...

Carl, the neighbor I always picture shaking his fist and saying "Curse you, Addams!" came over to discuss our remodeling the screen room. All the stuff formerly in the screen room has been in the driveway, while the room gets water-sealed, linoleum, and painted. I've also been sorting through boxes and tossing out a lot of stuff, consolidating, reboxing, all that. In short, we've been doing a lot of work.

He came by to inform us that we are attracting rats and creating a fire hazard. Hmm, I would have thought it would be with all the stuff that was inside the room, but there you go. It's the same way he's accused my cats of attracting rats to the neighborhood, because he never saw rats until they started catching them. Jiro has been busy, lately. Periodically, he leaves a rat for the chickens, at the door to the coop, which is sweet. (BTW, my little velociraptors have been known to mob and kill rats, then have a feeding frenzy. Not pretty.)

This morning, I found a tail and empty rat skin on the front doormat. Jiro wanted us to know he continues to do his job. I considered leaving it for Carl, but figured it would just play into his rat paranoia that we were somehow attracting rats. This guy really is obsessed with rats...
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