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Preserving the 19th Century, One Article at a Time

Installment 3 of "The Ills Flesh is Heir To," my series on 19th Century popular medicine, is written. Installment 2 came out in The Citizen's Companion this week.

I started on #4, which is all about the diseases of Childhood. I can't decide if the part after that will be sexual disorders, plagues and epidemics (smallpox, anyone?), or errors of diet (coffee: panacea or source of all ills?). This is definitely going to turn into a book, eventually.

It seems like some spiritual quote from one of my original sources always pops up to finish out the article. In the currently-published one, "Air Good and Bad, with Some Thoughts on Deadly Carbonic Acid Gas," it was about how God created animals to remedy the imbalance created by only having plants on earth. This time, for "Small Maladies," it's about how God truly heals, one only points the sufferer to the remedies God has created. (With a little extra artifice, methinks. Nitrous ether and laudanum need a little extra work from good old mankind--oh, wait, this was about healing, not medicine...)

Next, it's onward to my commitment to food in Early California. Everyone is eager for this stuff, and I aim to provide. It's just I need to work on this time thing.

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