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Thanksgiving for small miracles

Sometime on Thanksgiving I became aware of something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Something was different...something that felt familiar yet strange. And by the next morning, I had the answer.

I'd had that odd sense before, over fifteen years before. For the first time, nothing hurt. In that case, it was my back. This time, it was much more.

I went into the Recession in reasonably good shape. But as finances went down and down and down, so did all the little items related to body maintenance, including chiropractic and massage. And then we started the several months of hell that was cleaning out the Cambria house to sell. Between all of that, possible effects from thick layers of dust, grime, and who-knows-what (salmonella, anyone?) from M.'s iguana habitat I felt like a wreck. It wasn't probably helped by occasional stress relief given by punching a hard object, which did my hands no good. I felt like I'd been through a train wreck. It's a testament to how much I enjoyed our wedding, that I smiled and danced and acted like there was nothing wrong (and luxuriated in the hottub at the motel that evening).

Anyway, when we had money again, and I had a job, I started getting occasional chiropractic. Then moved into massage and yoga. I had a setback when I almost sliced off my finger with the hatchet, back in March. But little by little, I was getting better. The last problematic bits were the hands and ankles. I'd done something nasty to my knuckle, and pain knifed through my hand every time I twisted it to turn over the ignition on the truck. Probably a re-injury of the old spiral fracture from high school. On that one, my hand spent too much time in a cast, when I finally decided it really was broken and I needed to go to the doctor. But I have no health insurance, and you can't just give up walking and using your hands. I tried to figure workarounds. Eventually, I got enough foot maintenance and supportive shoes, and figured out how to start the car with a different technique than grabbing and twisting. And things started to improve. Until this weekend, when the miracle happened, and nothing hurt.

The only twinge was from flexing the index finger, which I'm trying to stretch enough to get closer to its old range of motion. I am now grateful indeed, for time when nothing hurts. I can only hope that this keeps up and I keep it maintained that way. Believe me, I know the true meaning of Thanksgiving!

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