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Glass junkie

I went to the Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival on Saturday, and spent more than I really intended, but I felt smug, anyway. I have a couple of potters whose stuff I REALLY like, plus it's always interesting to see what the glass folks are doing, nowadays. Because, once upon a time, I did both lampwork and furnace work, and learned glass is one of the most unforgiving media you can ever attempt. But I love it, and it gave me more appreciation yet, for those who come to master it.

So, I ended up with some lampworked beads, and a couple of amazing hand-blown tiki glasses, in irridescent cranberry and lime. Since most glass molds are carved from wood and soaked in water, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case with the tiki faces. I got the card of the glassblower, because I really like his work.

But I also kept thinking of my current "pet glassblower" at the local farmer's market. He'd promised me a free bead if I showed him some of my jewelery using glass beads, so I brought "Fruits of the Forest," that I made with his bead, last week. I also got a marvelous miniature vase from him, and a couple more beads for the necklace I was visualizing (using his and the lampworked beads from the festival), and also a "paperweight" style bead with a jellyfish inside.
I went home and started assembling another necklace. But I don't have proper cord, and I'm out of clasps, I find, so it's time for an order to one of my suppliers, before I can finish it. It's on a temporary string, currently. I think this one is "Blue Dazzler." When I get more beads in the right colors, I will also finish "Life's Flame," inspired by Heather Alexander, of course. It's good to be creating again. I think glass really does it for me, especially when I find a bead artist whose work goes so well with my own artistic visions.

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