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Am I Reduced to Soundbites?

Ah, life in the modern world. I'm getting more done, having eliminated TV, limited Facebook logins, and trying to keep a lid on my logins to YouTube and my new interest: Fandor. This last has a lot of small art films, old movies, and...sigh, my eternal addiction, Silent Movies.

I've been watching old Stan Laurel from his pre-Hardy days, and the man was brilliant. I think he might have limited himself with becoming half of the famous duo.

I can claim I'm researching for new material for my Velma stories. Velma is my ca, 1916 erotic heroine who wants to be Theda Bara, who explores her sexuality with enthused innocence. Each story plays off a famous silent movie. "Outlaws of the Storm" was where I paused when I stopped doing the stories for publication. I now have an online site where I can showcase my erotica again, and Velma is starting to nag at me.

About that site...I'm writing fun copy for high-end sex toys, and my employer wanted to add an erotic story page, especially after he saw some of the copy I've been doing. I get to be very creative, and incorporate puns and entendres, while imparting lots of good information on the product. I never before realized that a lot of the manufacturers have their own YouTube channels to talk about product. I've been joking around about "Every boy wants a Tantus toy...and so do girls!" (Tantus is one of the manufacturers.) I'm very frankly having the time of my life.

We are in the midst of a massive house reorganization that is now mostly done. Hopefully, most of the boxes will be out of the driveway soon. It's been a long 3 weeks, somewhat like moving, but you get to stay in the same house. We're also looking at some small kitchen upgrades, maybe later this year. Andrew has already replaced the old fiberboard shelves in the "pantry" (the old 1930's summer cooler) with varnished pine shelves, and the back hallway now has four rows of shelves for food and kitchen stuff.

Been at Hitachi in my new job for over a month, now. I work with a really nice group of people, and have lunch with someone several times a week, something I haven't done in...well, since I left Stratus in the '90's. One guy is an old movie buff, so we have great conversations. The cafeteria is fantastic, too. Dedicated to organic, local, sustainable food, it's also very good! I think SonicWALL letting me go has ultimately worked out for the better.

And I continue to function well in my capacity of Vice President of the NCWA. I have even managed to find us some new/old sites that want us to come play Civil War next year. I'm urging Andrew to run for Treasurer, as our current Treasurer is stepping down, and he's now got all this accounting expertise. I still don't know if the club will manage to continue, but we shall see. And Gettysburg 150th is next year! Yay!

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