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Itinerant Roosters?

I thought that the Girls had been agitated lately because Koshi (RIP Koshi, our friendliest hen,named for Ambassador Kosh of B5) died over the weekend. But two days ago, I heard bawking in the morning, then what sounded like a pubescent roo sounding out his first crows. WTF?? A crowing hen? Koshi had been flock leader, so maybe there was something weird going on? I went out to the coop and checked, but no one honored me with crowing. They just bawked loudly.

Then, for two days, it's been quiet. No bawking, no crows. But this morning I thought I heard a far-off crow. Not close, but maybe a block away. Now I suspect a young roo loose in the neighborhood. Which would explain why the girls were so agitated. "Ohmigod,it's a Mah-un! He's a young-un! I haven't seen one of those in a while! Ohmigod, ohmigod!" With chain link, I shouldn't get any mystery chicks, I hope. (Though I really do miss chicks.)
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