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Survived the Weekend!

Color me pleasantly surprised. The Civil War board meeting went well and in an orderly fashion. The factions who were attempting to sow the seeds of discord within the club were not in attendance. And the long and pseudo-legalese letter basically accusing the Admin Board of malfeasance was treated with all the seriousness it deserved, "implied contracts" and all. The biggest probem is that I am going to be the continuity of the Board. Everyone else has had enough of the stress and sniping, and is stepping down. Me, I figure a lot of people won't like what I do, and so what. I try to serve the good of the club and its membership. And if the membership wants to destroy the club, well, I can deal with that, too. At least Andrew is stepping up to the plate to run for Treasurer, probably unopposed. What worries me is if anyone will run for the other positions.

Pleasant evening with our friends Chris and Jane (Chris Phoenix being the old Callahanian and old boyfriend of mine). Nice interlude to prepare for Sunday.

Sunday...about that. Sunday was the final phase of the Great House Reorganization. Well, the most major phase, anyway. This was finishing up the garage sort-and-reorg so that we could finish sorting the boxes in the driveway and get them into the garage for the winter. Or put the last few boxes into the house to be re-incorporated. Pushing through from morning until 10 pm, we got it done. The excess furniture is in the garage, along with the boxes, and you can still get to the drier and the living history stuff. Mission accomplished. Not sure how Andrew is going to fit the 10 boxes of family stuff into the locker, along with the vintage printer, but crossing fingers. Many boxes of things to go to the Salvation Army. I still don't know what I should do with family books in Finnish... So much family stuff, including boxes full of photos. And the files for my father's work on sets for the movie "FBI Story" which really needs to be donated to a film archive or something. All this goes to the locker, to avoid the rodent problem in the garage. But damn, I feel like I've been hit by a truck, today. I've lost track of how much stuff we moved... Took a hot bath with epsom salts. Chiropractor today. I need it.

My motto for the past few days: "There is no try. There is only do."

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