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Email account highjack attempt

At 8:16, my cell was texted that someone had tried to change my email password. Fortunately, I have both a strong password and strong challenge questions. Notifications went out to several sources, and I was home, so I immediately changed my password, even though the attempt seemed to be unsuccessful.

Fortunately, all my accounts have different passwords. It's a pain to remember a dozen passwords, expecially since I change them regularily, but something that's a good idea in this day and age.

I do wonder about the origin of the attempt. Random? Someone who was guessing my email identity? Someone who had my email from some outside database? Who knows? Nowadays, it could come from anywhere.

Oe source I know it wasn't was Las Vegas. I didn't even log in, while I was there. I intended to at least check in, but things were busy, and the Asus never made it out of my bag.

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