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Another Halloween

Despite my getting sick, we managed to get through Halloween. I managed to get the yard done on Tuesdaybefore collapsing, and I woke up at 5:30, finished modifying the wolf mask to a rat mask, and our "rodent invasion" theme was pretty much done. Took more cold meds. I was definitely not good to drive, or any other activity needing motor skills and judgement, but I could rave about rats getting huge on Halloween candy and hand out treats.

Chris couldn't participate, having to work swing shift, but he built us a big GIANT mousetrap while I was asleep in the afternoon, woke me up to tell me it was deone, then went off to work. I "baited" it with candy, and put out the last rubber mice just at dark. We still didn't know if we were going to get rain,but it held off until around midnight. Smaller turnout this year more like 100 kids, but still appreciating the unique setup, with the trap, rat/mouse decor, and Andrew in the rat outfit reaching through the grate, making "squee!" noises. Enough kids dubbed him Chuck E. Cheese that we started referring to him as his evil twin. Things tapereed off after 9, and we closed shop at 9:35, turning off lights. Still got some folks after, but people who know the house and wanted to see what we were up to this year.

I took more meds and went to bed. Another successful Halloween!

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