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This is What Utopia Looks like

I was talking about the continuum of "utopia" the other day, and how some of us build them, and others live in them and experience the decay of the system, and they are not necessarily the same group of people. The world is not a stable state. We can hold to ideals and try to build to the vision of the dream. "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams..."

But once the dream is built, it is at the mercy of the forces of the world. And ultimately, it will fall.

I was talking to Andrew the other day about how the political system frustrates me, and how you no sooner get something accomplished than people attack it and try to bring it crashing down, but with vigilance you can keep a step ahead, each time you lose ground, you never fully lose it, but make progress, five steps forward and four steps back. But you have to keep working, or it will be five steps forward and six steps back. He observed "this is what utopia looks like." And he was right. We have a system that allows you to build. And keep progress going, five steps forward and four steps back. But still a net gain of one step.

This is what utopia looks like in the real world.
"For each age is a dream that is dying,
And one that is coming to birth." --O'Shaughnessy

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