Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Health is Encouraging

Good news.My rheumatoid syndrome seems to be responding nicely to the more body-friendly treatment (hydroxychloroquinine, plus fish oil, astraxanthin, vitamin D, and doxycycline from the opthamologist). The one that worries me (I see the opthamologist tomorrow) is that while I think my tears are improving, the sight in my right eye is still blurry. Darned rheumatoid syndrome...

The good news is also that my thyroid biopsy shows the nodules as benign. They aren't doing much to mess with me,other than literally giving me a lump in my throat. No medication. Which is good. I'm taking enough handfuls of pills, as it is.

And the orthopedist and rheumatologist both like the progress being made on my crooked right elbow.

No one told me that you just reach a certain age, and your body starts to fall apart all over the place. I could have prepared better. Still, considering how many of my friends in my cohort didn't even make it to 50, I'm still above ground, and that's a good thing.

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