Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Updates to Everything -- Busy, busy!

Okay, it's been too long since I checked in, and now everything has changed on LiveJournal. Serves me right, I guess.

Two jobs and my regular stream of activities... I am not just working at Pivotal, the startup I've been at for over a year, but picked up another side job, doing part time stuff for another startup. I got a loaner Apple laptop from them the other day, as my other boxen are Windoze machines, and I needed to run some software that wasn't Microsoft-friendly. I was SO happy to get back onto Unix (not Linux, Unix!) again! It's like riding a bicycle, and I don't have to think about what I'm doing. But wow, my time is sliced and diced thin, lately.

The some folks who do documentaries and other stuff for the BBC saw the Cougar Wives show and hunted me down through the Civil War connection. It looks like we might be getting a documentary on the BBC? Um, okay, the examples of their shows look good, not like "reality TV." We seem to be a human interest feature, for "Age Gap Love". Woman with her young husband who do historic reenactments and live an unconventional life. They're sounding like it's a go. They also wanted our itinerary for when we are in Scotland and Ireland, this summer. We might get filmed when we're on their home turf. I have to admit this is a turn of events I never expected for my later life.

We are getting a 2 week visit from the teen we are mentoring, Savanna. She wants to grow up to be me. She's said as much. And she's turned into my little radical firebrand. Yes, she really does want to be me. I'm flattered, and honored that she thinks me worthy of emulation.

More chickens have come to roost. Foster, our rescue chick from San Juan, has turned into a pretty little hen, and four chicks are now 3+ weeks old, and getting their first feathers. The older hens are not all in the best shape. Still hanging in there, but getting some issues. We are still getting eggs, but fewer, so it will be nice to have new blood. Yikes, Clarisse is 6 years old!

Oh yeah, we're going to Scotland and Ireland this summer. Yay!

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