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It just gets better...

Yee hah, we don't even have a publishing group any more. Not only have all the delivery editors gone away, but the entire publishing tools group has been decimated. These are the folks who make sure everything gets published to the web in pdf and html, as well as working with groups to get the packaging done (we're halfway in transition to their packaging system, eep!), and maintaining the tools used by the technical writers. There is a skeleton crew of two left for the next two months, to transition all this to *Ireland.* Now, I have nothing against Ireland, in that I'd like to live there, someday, but expecting they can just transplant a function that needs person-to-person education and interaction, overseas, and just *instantly, * well, this is going to be a disaster and a half. I said well, if worst comes to worst, we can always go back to printed books. I still have the card of our printer, from times past, and he's a really nice guy.

Oh what interesting times we live in... And people wonder why unemployment is so high in tech, right now.

I took the DISC model personality study, last year, that determines your basic work style. I came up as "Jungle Fighter," who works well in a hostile environment, getting the job done *alone* despite substantial obstacles. Looks like I'm one of the best suited to survive the current situation.

When the going gets tough, the tough get grumpy.
When life gives you lemons, make them into projectiles and *lob them right back.*

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