Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Messages from Internet Fate

Sometimes, fate tells you it's time to move on.

In this case, it's my old former best.com account. I was hanging onto email access for an extra fee, since there were a few emails that would occasionally come through from long-forgotten friends, or addresses left on Amazon an age ago, or (I had to nag my brother, among others) folks using alternative accounts that still had the best.com address, which was forwarded twice. A few days ago, it stopped working. Maybe my account was behind? Whatever, I found it was wonderful to no longer have 450 spam emails to download every few days. (Where do they GET these addresses?) And realized it was time to just move on and sever all ties with that account. It's just that sometimes, it is hard to break the old ties, even when you know it's time to move on. Maybe I'm not supposed to be found.

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