Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Kittonic energy

Yes, the person who harnesses kittonic energy will make a mint. At least Destructo-Kitty is calming down a little. She's now pretty much sleeping through the night, rather than having 3 am fits of pouncies. And she seems to like taking breaks and being sweet a lot more.

Good thing. Poor old "Uncle Ming" is having a hard time keeping up. There is ultimate revenge for all the times he's gotten me up at O'Dark-Thirty. ;-) She's terribly fond of him, it would seem, rubbing up against him one minute, vaulting over him another, pouncing on him another. Hobbes is still holding his own just fine, thank you. But he was always the fiesty one. It was a good thing for me when Ming came home, years ago. Hobbes had someone else to take out that energy on. And now Circe is keeping them both busy...

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