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Fear of Government

I was realizing that I would probably never actually put the bumpersticker "I love my country but fear my government" on my car. Maybe because I believe that if you question authority, the authorities will question you, and nowadays, that's just asking for trouble, but in a strange and obscure way that won't do anyone any good. If you're going to oppose the authorities, it must be a very visible, very in-your-face, very newsworthy sort of opposition---or you might sit in a jail rotting until your hair is grey, with no one knowing what cause you espoused.

Hmm, I talk like someone who lives in a totalitarian country. I'd like to think not, but I really believe that it's "whatever they can get away with" at this point.

I'm in a crawly-feeling-between-my-shoulderblades mood, this afternoon. Maybe it's because I was realizing the inherant manipulation of the system manifested in our ongoing recall, where republicans can force a new election in which some lapdog with 10% of the vote could end up as our governor, especially since my stupid sheeple fellow electorate can't get off their asses to vote, a lot of the time. Did our ancestors throw it all away on a lot of apathetic bread-and-circuses types? (And am I one of the few who knows the actual background of the term "bread and circuses" in the Roman system of oppression?)

Funny, I saw this coming when I was in Junior High. I had a paranoia about oppressive governments, from reading too much history, and felt I could see something coming that scared me. In high school, I told my friends "When they start restricting travel, who can travel, when you can travel, how you can travel, that's when you should be very afraid, because the end of freedom is at hand." People thought I was weird. That might happen in Europe, but never in America! they said Well, here it is. Say the wrong thing, carry the wrong book, or whatever, and you end up on the no-fly list. People who don't see that are ignoring an idling locomotive they're standing in front of. I'm afraid it's already too late...

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