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Bad Driver day

Hmm, twice in one day, I've narrowly avoided a traffic accident because I was paranoid...um, extra alert. And the irony is that both of them occurred while the radio was talking about a study on distracted drivers.

This morning, coming from the chiropractor, this huge monster truck (the ones so huge you always wonder what folks need them for, other than intimidation) decided he was merging with me. Not my lane, me. He was right next to me, and suddenly he's coming into my lane. I swerve (thank heavens there was no one on my left side), and he just keeps coming, having crammed me into the other lane. I notice then that he's having an animated conversation on a cel phone.

But lunch was the real white-knuckle one. There is construction on the median near the intersection of highways 101 and 880, always a bad area to begin with. Well, here comes this double-rigged gravel truck, barrelling up onto the road off the median, spreading highway cones everywhere, as it hits them. I'm dodging it, bouncing/flying cones, and then noticing he's shimmying all over. Very near to jack-knifing, and I'm driving partway on the shoulder, just to avoid his shimmies into my lane. Then he cuts across my bow, still shimmying, and heads for the Montague expressway exit (mine), and I drop back because I want to be nowhere near this guy. He realizes at the last moment he wants East, not West, and makes a last minute lane change, nearly hitting the divider and creating more alarming shimmies. But he's going the opposite way from me, and not my problem any more.

I find myself wondering how he got a license for driving a truck---or did he? Or was it a six-pack of beer for lunch? It was only because I flinched a couple times, and pulled into the shoulder, that I avoided some very nasty possible consequences.

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