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Healthfood Irony

Okay, so last night I went to Whole Foods, determined to find REAL milk. Real milk is a major vice of mine. Probably comes through having a mother who was majorly allergic (yes, breathing-difficulty allergic) to milk, but a father who LOVED milk, so we always had the best. Often raw milk from boutique dairies.

Well, I wasn't up to doing raw milk, last night, though I might end up there again, eventually (drink it before they ban it...). It was the only type I had in my house, back in college... So here I am, in what's essentially a health food store, looking at this huge array of high-tech milk. Skim, organic skim (oh, pardon me, they call it *nonfat* now), various percentages. I admit I used to drink reduced fat before they started ultrapasturizing, but now I can't stand the stuff. But the distinguishing factor was that it was all either ultrapasturized or homogenized. I wanted either non-homogenized or regular pasturized, because they all make milk less than palatable. (I think it's a conspiracy to wean us off milk and onto "white" drinks like rice dream and soy milk.) I wanted *regular milk," whole and not ultra-pasturized. I finally found it. Only one organic creamery makes it.

The irony of the situation struck me. This is the ultimate processed food, nowadays. And the most dazzling array of frankenstein-milk is available in a natural foods store. And there is something too weird for words about the concept of "nonfat half-and-half" (shudder). Sorry, life is too short to drink high-tech milk. And a sorry excuse for milk all of this is, anyway. If I'm going to have a vice, I figure good milk is not a bad one.

Then I moved on to yogurt. I'm also highly suspicious of yogurt, nowadays. They sneak aspartame in there regularily, and I really hate going color-blind. I am really, really careful about what's in my yogurt, lately. It's getting too adulterated. So here I am, in the health food store, suspiciously reading yogurt labels. Again, ironies. I'm very picky about my yogurt, too.

I found myself reflecting on Brunner's "The Sheep Look Up" where health food is a major industry, and it comes out that the stuff is regular factory-farmed stuff, that they've been putting fancy organic labels on, to get more money. And wondered. I picked up some smelly cheese, another vice. And reflected that if the EU gets its way, artisanal cheese will be replaced by mass-produced homogenized products, like everything else they want to foist on us. After all, this is the brave new world where food grows on shelves in the supermarket, removed from any traces of its actual origin. Welcome to the high-tech future.

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