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Worm Week

I notice this has been dubbed "worm week." Our servers here at work have been up and down all day, because of the latest batch. For a while, it just kept reloading the same web page. I sort of sneer at the corporate affinity for MS products. Our division doesn't do Microsoft.

Interestingly enough, I notice that a lot of links to stories posted today, on this mess, cause my UNIX-based Netscape to crash, if you attempt to open them. Interesting.

And this is why my laptop doesn't connect to *anything.* I keep all my *important* stuff, like my personal writing, and my collections software, on the laptop. It does not, and never will, have an internet connection.

I keep a fake address as the first one in my address book on the computer that connects. It goes to someone named "Alias Checkwurm" and if I should ever get a bounce, it means I have an undisinfected email virus. Just my little extra check.

Meanwhile, I got the disk from Earthlink for their (mumble, mutter "What? I can't hear you.") new TotalAccess 2003 program, which I was going to try. The first step is "turn off your antivirus software." Oh yeah, like I really WANT to do that? I don't think so, monkeyboy.

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