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More than Cars

In my family, cars have souls. They are more than hulks of metal that get us places. They bond with us, protect us, and understand us. The Japanese would probably understand, but I'd get weird looks from a lot of folks.

Rumor has it that Genevieve, the 1953 Ford Station Wagon that carred me and my mother home from the hospital, is still around, somewhere. It had a very benevolent personality, and I'd like to believe that.

My 1970 Ford crew cab pickup, the Pet Monster, was kind of my guardian auto. I had that car for over 20 years. It would show up in my dreams, even, rescuing me from erupting volcanos or natural disasters or violent mobs.

The Jimmy has been a good and faithful companion, but it has passed on. I get a new car after a bereavement, not a divorce. I was out getting some items out of it, this morning, and felt like I should give it the moral equivalent of a Viking funeral. However, they frown on the idea of, say, delivering final rites and ceremonially burning cars, even in the desert. Still, it seems like it needs a memorial of some sort, and I'll probably give it one. Yeah, more than just cars...

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