Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Tight rations for a while...

Well, I've signed my life away for the next 5 years. I still want to know when it was that pickup trucks started costing more than $20K. (I know, welcome to the 21st century, sigh.) And of course, I really NEED 4WD, unlike most folks. There have been a few times that I simply wouldn't have gotten the cannon trailer out of a site, if I hadn't had it. (I also don't want to even think of what the hitch on the cannon trailer has taken in stress and strain...) And I just found something on the web where someone posted the sticker from a new 2004 Sport Trac *without* 4WD, and it was several thousand more than what I'm paying. And without all the incentives! And I admit to buying an option, the swing-out bed extender, that turns the short bed into a full-length pickup bed. They were installing it at the dealer, yesterday afternoon. I pick it up, today. I still haven't seen my truck, since it was special-ordered from another location!

But I'm still flinching at close to $500 a month. That said, I know I'm doing the right thing. It's not like I'm not going to keep this truck until it self-destructs (hopefully) waaaay down the road. I'm not sure if it will do 245K miles, like the Jimmy did, but I can hope. (I put 130K of those miles on the Jimmy, over the past 7 years...)

But there is a great novelty in the idea of owning a car that *no one else has owned before*. That's exactly what I want, not a compromise. (Well, the '87 Jimmy was exactly what I wanted, too, it's just that I had to wait almost 10 years to get it.)

Well, no ebay goodies for a long time (though I think I need to start selling things there, again), and a general belt-tightening. But hey, I'm going to have a new truck!

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