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It's Here!

By the time you add in the state sales tax (8.5%, shudder), license fees, service contract, choke, gasp, the truck is a hefty sum. A few pennies over $30K. However, the extended service contract seems like a good deal, so we just added into the payments, since there's 0% interest. I'll miss John, my mechanic. However, I'm not so sentimental to refuse a good deal. And anyway, I suspect the cannon trailer will need more electrical work, eventually. ;-)

Damn, this is the sexiest truck ever built! We had a hard time making acquaintance, as I tried to sound out the vibes, though. It's got a whole different personality from any vehicle I have previously owned. It's got an odd attitude, but it's like putting on an AI interface, in some ways... Not like driving at all. More an extension, yet with a presence of its own, a very STRONG presence, but somehow alien.

I went looking for a name, since none of the ones I'd thought of seemed to fit. I thought of Talon, the Peacekeeper battleship from Farscape (a little creepy choice, that), then realized the truck was much more like Vorlon technology... No, not a White Star... It was a Darkstar class... (That sleek midnight-metallic...) It even sounded a bit like Kosh, sitting up on Skyline Drive, while I stood there at the view point, listening to it cool down. The body makes music??! And then I knew. Its name is Nightwind Darkstar. Name and ship-class. (I know that JMS didn't invent a Darkstar class, but it would certainly follow, so I just did! Nyah! I see it as the Vorlon stealth fighter.)

So of course I had to go home and get some B5 music for the truck CD player.

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