Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Too Quiet...

It's really, really quiet around here, right now. And there is a note that just came in, in email, that the major project meeting will not be held, this morning, because of the lengthy E-staff meeting.

Whenever they hold long meetings like this, it's Not a Good Sign.

Good thing I started figuring out my layoff strategy last week... Get a housemate, start selling off antique/vintage clothes, etc. etc. And also use the time created to work on all the personal writing projects that have been dabbled at, but not really worked on. Heck, I've got novels sitting around *finished* but which I haven't retyped recently to try to markeet again. (They went out precisely once each.) They should really be retyped on the computer, not the old semi-computerized typewriter, which went to the Goodwill years ago.

It's not a good sign, though, when things are going on like this.

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