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Sanity Break

It was good to get away for a long weekend. I left in the middle of complete chaos, and understand I missed more on Friday. By Saturday, I was having such a good time, hiking and sightseeing (my brother lives in Vancouver, Washington) that the knot in my stomach was almost gone. (It was there since Monday or so...)

First, a trip up the Columbia Gorge, and a ride on a stern wheeler, where we checked Lewis and Clark sites, and watched the local native population working nets on the side of the river. Several ospreys wheeled across our bow. Then, on Saturday, a trip to some magnificent waterfalls at Silver Falls State Park (in Oregon), as well as The Oregon Garden, a huge garden complex put together by the Oregon seedsmen, growers, and landscapers. Dinner on the edge of the Columbia, at a brewpub on the Vancouver side. The Sunday was the Art in the Pearl street fair, and the Chinese Garden (including tea and dim sum). And dinner at Old Wives Tales in Portland. Life is good. Before I left on Monday, my brother made sure I got a chance to walk on his favorite hiking trail. I watched a pair of kingfishers fly down the lake that parallels the trail, too.

Oh, and my sister-in-law's choice of music for the weekend included lots of Heather Alexander. ;-) There were also some other good Northwestern Celtic folksingers included in the mix.

Needless to say, I didn't want to come home.

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