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Another thrilling day in Paradise...

Damn, it was insane today. We're trying to now publish our own files out onto the company web site, a task previously done by the KTO organization. The last few who are here are trying to teach us how to do everything. Our problem is that we are not fully compatible with the company network, so the utilities scripts keep crashing or saying "I'm sorry, I can't do that because I can't find x." I've had IT guys in and out of my office, because we were theoretically releasing today. (We were theoretically releasing last Friday, when I wasn't here.) Notice theory being a big factor. Guess what. Nope, no release. Fortunately, this means that I have another day or two to get this stuff formatted and out onto the web, before they come after me with a hatchet. This ought to be simple. Ha, ha. Why is it work is in constant panic mode... My stomach knot is coming back...

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