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Not liking the LiveJournal redesign

Humph, I suppose it goes with everything else that hasn't worked out, to do with software and computers, this week. (I hate having to play hacker on the company intranet just to get my job done, since none of the utilities that run for them run for our section of the net. At least one of the hacks was shown to my by our remaining IT guy, who is way too busy to deal with the real problem, currently.)

But LiveJournal either it doesn't like Netscape on a Unix box or the site is completely hosed. I get stuff piled on top of each other (pictures, text, links) in a muddle, and most account navigation links don't work at all. I don't think I want to try this from home, as I now am very suspicious of possible worms in sites, especially since there are some very funky things I'm seeing.

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