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To Sleep, perchance to Dream...

As I get older, sleep becomes more and more important to me. Not sleep, per se, actually, but the opportunity to go off into Dreamtime. In Dreamtime, I'm still in touch with what's important, I'm still creative and imaginative, I'm still---me. Not this person who fights her job every day and has a hard time focusing by the time she gets home in the evening. In Dreamtime, like with Little Nemo, the world is a much more interesting place, and I can travel the Columbia with Lewis and Clark, or wander through Regency England, or go into some fanciful alternate California, where things are somehow much more real than in the waking world. In my dreams, I can fence and do martial arts, do all the hiking I want, all those things I have no time for in the waking world. Of course, you have to watch out for the natural disasters, the volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, the big storms and what, but those are a vital part of it, too. Even the awful Civil War stuff. The good and bad are both intense, there. I don't know how I'd manage without my Dreamtime. It's rest and renewal, a world that I need to escape into if I'm going to be functional.

And yes, I remember a goodly proportion of my dreams. Every morning, I sort them out and determine which ones I want to commit to long-term memory, and which I can let go of. I still remember dreams I had when I was 5, or 15, or whatever. And sometimes, if I'm lucky, I sometimes get to go back to the world that hosted the Really Good ones. ;-)

Though it was kind of weird, the other night. I spent the night's dreamspace doing a debug session on my brain, because I have been malaproping a lot lately, somehow swapping in similar words for the ones I want (recent example: CalTrans for CalTrain), and this is getting to be very upsetting to me. I sure hope the debug session worked... (I first remember doing a mind debug session when I was 6, and I needed to go in and break a looping thought process--though I didn't have a term for what I was doing, at the time.)

I feel, today, like I need another sleep session soon, though. I didn't want to wake up this morning, and there is the feeling my brain needs more escape time than it's been getting. Probably something to do with the headach-y insomnia session I suffered on Sunday night. I feel a bit feverish, too. Probably some low-grade bug...

Dreamtime, can't live without it.

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